SAUCE STUDIO. Circa 2016. Sydney

The embodiment of 'time flies,' I first took these photos back on a sunny afternoon in late 2016 in a basement studio in the suburbs of Sydney overlooking the surfers at Queenscliff Beach. Shortly afterwards I left on a year long, laptop-less trip around Australia, Indo and Asia, which eventually ended when I headed for Canada. A week or so ago I had the pleasure of seeing Tyler Bell of Sauce in a very different basement - a music venue in Vancouver where he was touring with Aussie band Ocean Alley. The meeting was brief but the reminder stayed with me of his creative energy and the fact that these photos have been sat on my laptop waiting to be rediscovered and shared. 

From documenting Ocean Alley's Europe (and now North America) Tour to the Australian Open of Surfing, portrait photography, passion projects, and brand collaborations with the likes of Rusty, Volcom, and Deus; the boys of Sauce Studio are often busy. I first spoke to them for an interview with The Coast Studio and eventually managed to pin them down for a catch up and a peruse of their studio - a space reflecting a California 70s vibe, surf culture, and youth just as much as it represents their hard work and individual talents.

Camilla Sampson