Joewanmai ~ Pai, Thailand

"I lived thug life for week," he laughs, "party, eat, sleep, party...biked around...girls... then I ran out of money!" The laughter flows. 

Joe Wanmai moved to Pai four years ago to pursue something other than the public administration job he held. The last time he'd really focused on his art was back in school where it boosted the rest of his grades (more laughter). A carefree first week ensued before he worked at his friend's place: Edible Jazz. Back then it was pretty well-known, attracting sets from famous and upandcoming musicians who inspired Joe and he began to sketch at the bar for fun and for these bands. Pai's walking street market artists indicated what he might be able to do himself, so he set about experimenting with different mediums to find his style. He began with watercolour and ink before focusing more on line and dot work in pen. Joe's work encompasses landscapes, space, animals, and shapes with minimal to no colour use. We loved the space and moon pieces, and the detail and patience within his work is impressive. I also admired the works incorporating a social commentary on plastic and social media use. Eventually he moved on to have his own bar, hosting music and art, before opening up a small studio and committing to art full time roughly two years ago. The lease at this first studio ran out, leaving him solely selling at the markets for a while. He moved into the minimalist studio you'll find below about two months ago. We had such a relaxed day here, so much laughter, inspiration, and a delicious hand ground filter coffee using local beans. 

If you're in Pai definitely check it out ~ hammock to hang out in, coffee, happiness, original works, tattoo commissions, and affordable prints all available.

"I draw what I see because noone else sees what I see"

Camilla Sampson