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discovering yoga

Growing up in a plethora of physical activities, from dance classes to competitive running, young adult life in London's fashion world scooped me up and rushed me away from this endorphin-inducing, mind-releasing integral part of my every day. Dabbling in yoga through University, it wasn't until I moved to Australia where my introduction really began.

I knew I wanted to invest more time in the wild and explore yoga beyond the physical so I lived on an eco yoga retreat for three months and immersed myself in practice, philosophy, and the outdoors. Slow Living. Afterwards, I continued to practice at studios throughout Australia such as Power Living and Qi Yoga, soaking it all in. It continued to have a huge impact on my mind and confidence, as well as letting me fall back in love with my body and movement. 

In a pursuit of the very roots of yoga, I travelled to India to attend the oldest yoga school in Rishikesh and the first to offer Ashtanga: Tattvaa Yogashala. It was here I embarked on my 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa training, swathed in tradition, as I worked on some deep healing, and began to realize I wanted to help others embark on their own journey of Awareness, healing, and strength.

My practice balances tradition with innovation. My background of work and study in editorial and creative writing supports my interest in designing workshops which integrate meditation, writing cues, journalling, and asanas to help you cultivate your creativity, as well as a thirst to read many spiritually-inclined texts. We are always learning. 

classes & offerings

Classes focus on balancing out strength and healing -- releasing deep-rooted emotional tension and empowering ourselves through strength-building poses and Awareness of our inner Self.  You'll find grace in discomfort, experience juicy openers and twists, and encounter lessons to take off the mat into your everyday lives, in a safe and supportive community. I can't resist the vibrancy of creative flow and some sweet soundtracks! Expect a lot of heart and soul. 


1.30-2.30, Wednesdays @ YYoga flo -- all levels flow

Always Learning

-- Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

-- Classes at YYoga and One Yoga in Vancouver, Canada

-- Spring 2018 Mentorship with Carolyn Anne Budgell --
-- July 2018 Creative Sequencing Workshop with Krystina Simes