Jung called it “the moral obligation” to live out and express what one has learned in the descent or ascent to the wild Self.

Story is a medicine which strengthens and arights the individual and the community.

I am learning that creativity never gives you a moment to rest. Never let it evade you. - write own version…

I have learnt that creativity flows through you, it will alight in you all of a sudden often at the most inconvenient of times - chase it, do not let it escape, for it will only find another vessel, it is up to you to realize what was meant for you, to thrive on the intuition that arises in your belly, and makes you want to shout your soul’s voice into being. Many, abandon the call of creative work in favour of bright city lights and money, it is a hard thing to choose in this modern society that has neglected or forgotten the role of magic. But you, you can embrace it - carry a notebook, make space for it, seclusion is both difficult and necessary, let it flow through you - do not let it evade you. - camilla sampson

the ritual of writing is a habit to cultivate, it is the early morning where my body clock is adverse to drunken nights but not to 1am creative flows, slipping into the daylight hours before others stir, a sense of self space, black coffee the artist’s uniform, a favoured pen finds its way into my hand, the laptop lays forgotten in these first awakening moments…I am immersed in the creative life, an outlet that builds my resilience, my intuition, my self-discovery.