Smudge Eats: The Hayberry

[Originally published on Smudge Eats, November 2015]

Profile: The Hayberry, Sydney

- by Camilla Sampson

Immerse yourself in Australian colonial history and enjoy American diner-style hospitality at The Hayberry.

Chris Lane of well known Small Bar venues throughout Sydney is behind the venture, having teamed up with Steve Jones and Mike Broome to create this late night spot. Booze and burgers are most definitely on the menu, bringing together craft beers and American diner food in the one space.

The Hayberry name reflects a historical friendship between David Berry and his long time friend, John Hay. Appropriately, Australian history litters the walls in images of colonial characters, including Ned Kelly. The interior is all exposed brickwork, wrought iron, high stools, and lots of wood. Booths line the walls and low lighting from flickering candles adds atmosphere.

Split into sections including shares, burgers, and carnivore fries, meat is definitely a focal point of the menu, but there are some veggie options too. A veggie sizzle hot plate for example serves up a vegetable-filled tortilla, with guac, sour cream, salsa and cheese. Burgers are taken seriously, with Mexican and American flavours running through the menu. There’s the Classic, and more unique fillings too; the Borderlands beef burger is topped with chilli beef, jalapenos, Spanish onion, lettuce, cheese and sour cream, while The Bogan has pineapple, beetroot, egg, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, and mayo. There’s plenty of ranch dressing, American mustard, southern fried chicken, buffalo wings and chilli cheese throughout the menu too.

Then, there are the drinks. Four craft beers are on tap on a rotating basis, bringing a new one to the mix as each runs out. There are also plenty of options in tinnies, both local and international, with cans coming in from America too. Australian and Kiwi wines are available as well as cocktails and fresh juices.

Head out the back for a relaxed Sunday session in the courtyard, where walls adorned with retro drink signs add to the dive bar feel. Sip on ice cold craft beers and soak up this microcosm of American culture in the Crows Nest.

Photo by Amanda Davenport

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