Year's End, Year's Beginning


You lifted me up
High in the sky
Your tallness
Making me feel like I could fly
My legs wrapped around your waist
The night's dance began

A New Year's Eve last minute decision had me sat on a bus once again early in the morning. The journey's views taking my breath away no matter how many times I've seen it—the icy ocean, snow capped peaks ringing the Sound, green-soaked islands, pine trees lining the highway, the sea meets the sky. Sunshine-showered snow mounds as Whistler shows off what it's good for, a recent dump culminating in the thickest snow I've seen in my life. The blue sky, the sun piercing, these views capturing my mind as I sip hot coffee in the square. 

The final working hours of 2017 slotted in before a celebratory 'woop!' sounds in the room as there is finally nothing left to do but celebrate. A few hours of relaxed socialising, the awe-dropping length of the icicles, the biting air the freshest I've felt, breathing reality in. Then, we are left to our own devices. The music changes in a rhythmic alchemy, mood-reflecting, uplifting, poignant, acoustic, each strum of a guitar resonating, my lips move along to the sounds. Our thoughts and words flitter across the achievements of the past year, self-growth, humility, happiness, both together and apart, as we have travelled across continents and delved into the depths of our being. Time spent back at home treasured, the ones who mean the most elevated, gratitude for the time passing intimately; soul-satisfying. I am spun around this wood-stained room, feet flying across the floor, hands held in yours, lifted up and around you, laughing in the dance. Slowly, slowly, the midnight hour creeps up. Suddenly, the ticking time is called every few minutes in a fast-paced initiation of the final stage of our night. You are brewing hot liquids to warm us as we walk, snow boots and coats are pulled on, supersize scarves become blankets to bundle us up. 

I am elated the moment I step foot out, the gasps of the freezing air, the lightness of the night indicating what is in store. We walk and giggle our way to the frozen lake through the streets, sips of baileys-spiked almond milk hot chocolate adding to it all. Some snow is knee-deep, you lead me out onto the frozen lake which just months ago was pure water, it's vastness making the other humans dotted around so small. My breath catches, my eyes water, I keep repeating notes of happiness, of disbelief, of perfection. The sight unfolds: 

The Full Moon, the frozen, snow-covered lake, the outline of mountains sketched across the skyline, every which way the view is breath-taking. Nature's reality, outside the city, the exact way I wanted to end one year and start the next. The countdown is on. The echoes of "Happy New Year!" literally reverberate around the landscape, our own fireworks displays — multiple and long — the excitement of everyone tangible, lanterns with wishes floating to the sky, and all the while La Luna lights us. My happiness knows no bounds, this moment, with you, in this vast, natural space, my favourite moon aligned with the date—I know what magic is.