Full Moon Feels

Those first satisfying stretches in the warm cocoon of my bed, stepping softly up the stairs before anyone else awakens, the house a quiet empty seemingly not filled with ten other people, a space to do with what I feel. A pink glow from a lit candle, fairy lights flicked on along the walls, a warm blanket laid out, and that first fold into my self, grounding: child's pose. 

Gentle, playful movements. This morning is not for a specific, structured practice, but for what my body feels in the moment, women's cycle matching up to that of the moon, the thought of being so in tune with nature something to celebrate. Movements work slowly into a delicious stillness, mind's roaming to be diminished, the straight-backed softness of meditation. 

The first sips of hot tea a welcome warmth which spreads under my skin, a seeming eternity of calm, gently broken. The eb and flow of these morning minutes come to fruition, the full moon a time to let go of those things that no longer serve us, I write them on paper to be burned in a full moon firepit later tonight. My thoughts are on the things that hold us back, the fear of perhaps our 'darkest desires' which are not really dark at all, it is the anxiety, the obstacles we create which form that abyss. I look to the morning light, the first rising of the sun, and agree to listen to my intuition, an almost tangible joy as the truth of myself, which at times is lost under layers, my soul voice, is heard. We are on the same team this morning, we are one.  

Winter: a time of turning inwards, a time to rest and invest in ourselves, to wait for the blooming of Spring. I have those full moon feels, a readiness to embrace what has more and more felt like my pull this year (stay tuned, friends ❤), to slow down, to listen, to gently pursue. I move my hands to heart, to my lips, to my forehead, and say: "Hello, La Luna".

A day spent exploring new places thanks to a willing housemate, falling in love with nutritious food, warm meals, hot tea, soft thoughts, and Trevor Hall ❤