Travel: Bali Snapshots

Two weeks of thunderstorms rolling in over the big blue, the humidity firing on all cylinders, appreciation for the warmth on my skin, then desperate cold dips to cool off. The juxtaposition of Australia's answer to Britain's Malaga party strip (spoiler: I don't like Kuta), with the quiet island vibes of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. The privilege of time spent slowly, simply... opening your eyes to both the beauty and the social issues of the islands. 

Nusa Lembongan is less spoilt than Bali mainland. Less tourists, more open space, protected mangroves, we stayed in a simplistic guesthouse right on the water's edge. Swimming in rainstorms felt special, eyes could gaze out to the surf breaks from a sunlounger, bargaining for a ride across the river to the island that had become even less accessible... We cruised through lush lands and tiny villages, can you even call them villages, shacks half built from scrap materials. Chickens, dogs, cows lining the roadside. Air taking up under my clothing so the heat was lessened slightly as rice paddies and palm trees flickered by. Coming up on high hilltops to pieces of views of water and other islands... this slice was probably my favourite. The undulation of my time in Bali passing... the relaxed, familiar, days in Canggu. So many new cafes had popped up but it was pointless resisting the pull back to our favourite. Morning coffees, smoothie bowls, and plates served up at Crate (also the owners of Pretty Poison). The only downfall was the rice paddy view has been replaced by a car park, but the vibes are still there and not forced in the way some of the newer residents in the area felt. I was a little underwhelmed by the atmosphere and processes at a yoga space and cafe. But that's what I love about Bali, hop on your trusty moped and find somewhere the warmth is flowing instead. Other recommendations include Betelnut and The Shady Shack (the one place I scoffed a burger, and it was epic.) Also a couple of the warungs, and who can pass up on sunset, beachside views. 

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