"I knew that if I allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me" 

- Cheryl Strayed

Almost everyone I know calls me Milly, I'm a (creative) content producer, currently working out of Sydney's Northern Beaches. This is a broad term for my freelance journalism and photography which is commissioned by a number of publications both in Australia and England. It also includes my freelance Public Relations work, copywriting, and social media content. Plus blogging, and generating ideas for some businesses...etc etc. Back in the day I worked in fashion, particularly journalism, but also running model castings, photoshoots, and fashion shows. I'd attend London Fashion Week, write trend reports, and was engrossed in that world - including the blogging world. I enjoyed writing my blog, went to events, was part of the community, and was even lucky enough to be nominated for a few awards. Fast forward a few years and I became interested in broader things as I headed to University. I stopped blogging, and wanted to pursue other areas of the media.  I still think fashion has a huge capacity for changing the world - which is why I still love to write for Not Just A Label,  They're especially good at promoting and discussing fashion for change, ethical practices, and raising awareness of any issues in the fashion industry. However more recently my passions have shifted to more global and environmental topics. This is why I moved into travel writing, which also led into writing about food (venue reviews, recipes, profiles) It wasn't necessarily what I had in mind, but food is a very cultural thing, It shares stories of human passion and determination, it's experimental, and I love the way it brings people together. I also interview creatives and individuals doing incredible things - particularly related to the ocean/coast, conservation, and the arts. I'm now focusing in on more cultural/social anthropology/environmental/arty ventures. I love that other areas of the online community have opened up - constantly evolving, with ethical topics being discussed. It's an awesome way to meet, share, educate and raise awareness. 

So now, I finally feel like I have grown enough to re-join and publicise my work, ideas, and more personally-informed writing. This website is because... I thoroughly enjoy writing, want to showcase my work, engage with likeminded individuals (this is a biggie!), and have my own little uncensored outlet.

It's intimidating, daunting even, but having moved myself across the world my self-faith and awareness has grown. I lived on an eco yoga retreat just outside Byron for three months, plenty of self-discovery and weird situations in that space of my life - including being punched in the face while browsing for chocolate... (more on that later).  Since moving back to Sydney and settling beside the beach I've had the privilege of meeting some truly supportive and like-minded people. With mutual passions we have a greater capacity for positive change. I thoroughly enjoy the coworking, the sharing of ideas, the progress, the inspiration. A now firm believer in being part of a collaborative community and having an epic group of friends, it's a different situation to some of my past. 

So I'm happy to be here. To wonder aloud, to share, to connect.  My website is a portfolio of my work, and my blog is a portfolio of my thoughts, things I care about, and daily life.

My main areas of interest are: Environmentalism, Wellness & Movement, Travel, Culture - the arts and obscure parts of our world, Creativity, and, of course, Literature/Media. I feel like they all meld well together. 

My blog reflects these in its areas of travel, thought, the book list and life lately. 

Other things I'm up to include working on an event for environmentalism, and a book very slowly on its way. I'm off to India next year for my yoga teacher training, before embarking on travels round that continent, I'll be exploring places like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, other parts of China, and potentially places like Cambodia and Vietnam, or even Mongolia, There will be plenty of words, photographs, and maybe even the odd video. 

Looking forward to sharing and connecting, 

Milly x

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