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Creative & Cultural Content

A freelancer working in media, photography, PR, and events. Passionate about documenting our world, its cultures, and ways to live in balance with our natural world. I also believe being creative is incredibly important to our wellbeing and exploration of self, and take a keen interest in creative culture.

My career began in fashion over six years ago. I started out writing and photographing for a number of fashion magazines, blogging, and attending London Fashion Week leading to a feature in Teen Vogue and award nominations. I also managed fashion shoots, model castings, and shows.

I moved onto pursuing my interest in other areas such as food, culture, travel, and music. This extended to my work in PR and events, as well as journalism. I have worked for some prominent companies, such as Fohr Card - who have been mentioned on The Coveteur and The Washington Post. In London I worked for Escapism magazine, and the largest Travel PR firm in the UK - Hills Balfour. You can find my full CV on my LinkedIn page, or feel free to get in touch if anything has caught your eye.

Previously based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 2017 saw me take my yoga teacher training in India before trekking in the Himalayas. The rest of the year was spent exploring and  documenting throughout SE Asia before moving to Canada. Currently based out of Vancouver teaching yoga, working on side projects and freelancing, and working in digital for lululemon. 

I hope to travel to some obscurer parts of the world to delve deeper. I have a keen interest in environmental issues, wellness, and the arts. 


✖️ Journalism // Blog & Digital Media Content
(Venue Reviews,  Travel, Fashion, Sustainability, Arts, Culture)
✖️ Copywriting
✖️ Public Relations
✖️ Photography
✖️ Idea Generation
✖️ Social Media
✖️ Events Management